Volunteers Wanted

Have You Ever Wanted To Become a Model Or Just Have More Self Confidence In Yourself. Well Now Is The Opportunity To Shake That Fear off and Join My Upcoming Session. 


This is strictly voluntary and no modeling experience required. But it does help. Photographer Myron Edwards will be doing a 5 Shot Session That will Include A Full Body Shot/ Headshot! The Other 3 Shots Are Tottaly Up To You. Almost Forgot To Mention. ( If You are Under The Age Of 16 Must Get Legal Guardians Permission. This will be held on June 27 - 31st. Must at least submit One Headshot and One Full Body Shot either By Messaging Or Email! Last Minute Entries May be Put Off so if Your Gonna Be a Volunteer Please Take Note and Be Prepared And Dress In Denim Fashion. This is a Spring Fling Shoot With The Potential of Becoming a Model Or If You Just want to build Up Confidence. Also If you would like a one on one session about how to model or pose. I'll be teaching classes after the 31st of June to help those achieve better awareness about themselves and their character. 

Disclaimer- Your Photos will not be shared with the public without your consent nor will they be distributed and shared with any other Website's But ClvvssyPhotography.  

I look forward to working with you in the next few weeks so let's have some fun and remember to bring some laughter and smiles. 


P.S. Sincerely,  

Myron Edwards


Blooming ( Emily Roberts )

Every Shot Tells a Story and I would love it if you shared yours with me. All it takes is one miraculous shot and who knows you could be the worlds next top model… You’ll never know if you don’t go for it.

“ Photography is Like Poetry Once You Start Your In Love “

I would love if you went to go check out her story and Profile On Instagram @Shaelah https://www.instagram.com/shaelahmcgilton/

Her Story is amazing and her beauty is flawless!!! But above all else she loves life and life loves her..